Best Shadow Priest Gems Patch 4.1

These are the best gems to use when geming out your Shadow Priest’s gear.

All of these gems will be easy enough for you to find on the auction house and cheap enough where you shouldn’t need to go down in gem quality at all.  Keep in mind that you don’t have to gem out a piece of gear with the required color unless you really want the socket bonus.  There are cases where it’s really not worth it to socket according to color because the socket bonus isn’t that great.  For example, if you don’t need hit and your socket bonus is + to hit you probably don’t want to follow the socketing requirements just to get the bonus if you end up needing to use a Purified Demonseye to get it.  In this example you’d be better off just putting in a Brilliant Inferno Ruby and rolling like that.

If you don’t want a socket bonus always use a Brilliant Inferno Ruby, this is your gem of choice.

Jewelcrafters get an added bonus of Jeweler’s Gems.  You can have up to three Jeweler’s Gems in your character’s gear at a time.  For your Shadow Priest you’ll want to use three Brilliant Chimera’s Eye.  This will give you 27 more intellect per gem (assuming you’d put in a Brilliant Inferno Ruby in place of it) for a total of 81 more intellect than the normal gems.

Also, when looking at gemming out your gear, don’t forget to enchant your belt with a Ebonsteel Belt Buckle and gem it out with a Brilliant Inferno Ruby.

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