Best Shadow Priest Enchants Patch 4.1

Here are the best enchants to get for your Shadow Priest in patch 4.1.  These enchants are the most reasonable enchants to get since better ones will be very rare/hard to get/or extremely expensive.

  1. Head -  Arcanum of Hyjal – Obtained by being Revered with Guardians of Hyjal
  2. Shoulder – Greater Inscription of Charged Lodestone – Obtained by being Exalted with Therazane (at Honored you can get the Lesser Inscription of Charged Lodestone to use until you become Exalted)
  3. Back – Enchant Cloak – Greater Intellect
  4. Chest – Enchant Chest – Mighty Stats
  5. Bracer – Enchant Bracer – Mighty Intellect
  6. Weapon – Enchant Weapon – Hurricane
  7. Off-hand – Enchant Off-Hand – Superior Intellect
  8. Gloves – Enchant Gloves – Haste
  9. Belt – Ebonsteel Belt Buckle
  10. Legs – Powerful Ghostly Spellthread
  11. Boots -  Enchant Boots – Haste

If you have the chance to get a better enchant than one of the above by all means go for it.  For example, you can get the Enchant Chest – Peerless Stats done instead of Enchant Chest – Mighty Stats and it will be better but right now it’s just not economical for most players to get this enchant.

Also keep in mind that the above list doesn’t include ring enchants that can be done by enchanters.  If you are an enchanter you’ll probably want to use the Enchant Ring – Intellect enchant for your rings.  There are also other profession enchants or bonuses that you can use instead of the above enchants like the cloak embroidery options tailors receive.  Just look through what you have and compare it to the list above and if it’s better by all means use it.

If you are unsure of what stats you need take a look at this guide:  Best Shadow Priest Stats Patch 4.1

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