Best Holy Priest Stats Cataclysm Patch 4.1

Here is the stat priority you’ll want to pay attention to while getting gear, gemming out items, getting enchants, reforging, etc.

  1. Intellect – This is your top mega chi stat.  You’ll want to stack on as much intellect as you can.  Of course this consists of ensuring all your gear has intellect (this is easy) but also ensure when doing gems and enchants that you sneak as much intellect in as you can.
  2. Spirit – This is your second stat to intellect.  When picking your gear make sure that you choose the gear that always has spirit as a secondary stat, this is your gear.  You may also choose to stat spirit on through enchants, gems, etc, but keep in mind that intellect is your priority.
  3. Haste – Yes, haste is the next stat in priority, for best results you’ll want to get your haste to 12.5% to grab more renew, remember you can be buffed to reach that 12.5% so you might not need as much haste as you think if that is your only goal with haste.  But in general, in my opinion, the more haste the better.
  4. Next up is mastery, which you’ll want to focus on along with haste after you feel like you’ve pretty much got your haste stocked up good.
  5. Crit, this is the last stat you’ll want to focus on, in fact I’d not bother trying to stock up on it at all.


Reforging is very simple for the Holy Priest.  You’ll simply want to swap out any crit you have for haste or mastery.  Balance out your haste/mastery to whatever you feel you want to have.

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