Best Holy Priest Gems Cataclysm Patch 4.1

Here are the top gems to choose from for your Holy Priest.  While gemming out your gear keep in mind the tops stats you need for your Holy Priest, mostly intellect, spirit, haste, and then the rest.  So you’ll find that most of the gems in this list are intellect gems, but you also might want to place in a spirit gem or haste gem if you find you are lacking in those stats.  Keep in mind that your least useful stats in the gems below are probably the ones containing mastery and crit, but I’ve included them because some people might need/want them.

Remember that if there’s a socket bonus you don’t need, put whatever color gem you need in it, which will probably be the Brilliant Inferno Ruby.  It’s no use having a bonus if you don’t need it!

If you are a Jewelcrafter be sure to get the pattern for Brilliant Chimera’s Eye and put three of these in your gear.

And of course, as always, get the Ebonsteel Belt Buckle and toss a Brilliant Inferno Ruby into it.

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