Best Discipline Priest Stats Cataclysm Patch 4.1

If you are looking a stat priority for your Discipline Priest this is it.  Here are the stats you should be focusing on , as you’ll see, it’s pretty simple.

  1. Intellect – This is your number 1 stat, you should basically try to get as much intellect as you can, by whatever means necessary.  That means enchant your gear and gem out your gear with lots of intellect.
  2. Spirit – This is your number 2 stat.  While you don’t need to stack up your spirit like you will try to do with intellect, you do need to make sure that when you select your cloth gear that you chose the pieces that have spirit as a secondary stat on them.
  3. Spell Power, Haste, Crit, Mastery, Hit – These stats will take the back seat to focusing on intellect and spirit.  When deciding on what stats to focus on thirdly, simply attempt to keep these stats balanced and you will be fine.  Take whatever you feel comfortable with and what you feel you may be lacking in.  Be focused when you play and you should be able to feel this out.


For reforging, since you are dealing with stats other than intellect and spirit (don’t reforge out of your spirit) you can basically reforge what you feel you need.

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