Best Discipline Priest Enchants Cataclysm Patch 4.1

Here are the best/most popular enchants to use on your Discipline Priest.  There are multiple choices for some slots, just use your best judgement on these for what stats you are lacking in right now.

Legs - Powerful Ghostly Spellthread

Shoulder - Greater Inscription of Charged Lodestone – requires exalted with Terazane

Back - Enchant Cloak – Greater Intellect

Boots -Enchant Boots – Earthen Vitality or Enchant Boots – Haste

Bracer - Enchant Bracer – Exceptional Spirit 0r Enchant Bracer – Speed or Enchant Bracer – Mighty Intellect

Chest – Enchant Chest – Peerless Stats or Enchant Chest - Exceptional Spirit (you can also use Enchant Chest – Might Stats if you can’t get the peerless one)

Head - Arcanum of Hyjal – requires revered with Guardians of Hyjal

Hands - Enchant Gloves – Haste

Main Hand -Enchant Weapon – Heartsong or Enchant Weapon – Hurricane

Off Hand - Enchant Off-Hand – Superior Intellect

If you are an enchanter you should use Enchant Ring – Intellect.  If you are a tailor you might want to consider Darkglow Embroidery or Lightweave Embroidery for your back enchant.

Since you’ll need to be exalted with Therazane in order to get the Greater Inscription of Charged Lodestone you should pick up the Lesser Inscription of Charged Lodestone when you hit honored and upgrade once you are exalted.

Also, technically an enchant, is the Ebonsteel Belt Buckle, be sure to get one and socket it.

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