Best Hunter Shot Rotations – Cataclysm Patch 4.3

Hunters, while by many, are considered one of the easiest classes to play.  Unfortunately, this misconception is largely due from the fact that they are “easy” to level.  As most World of Warcraft players understand, that leveling from 1-85 is just practice to learn your character and the game doesn’t start until after you’ve maxed your level.  

This is why bad Hunter players are commonly referred to as “Huntards”.  They level 1-85 and then fail to understand the basic concepts of raiding and PvE passed that point, therefore, making a tremendous amount of errors or just plain being bad.

The reality is Hunters are one of the more fun and complicated classes to play with a lot of versatility.  If anyone ever tells you Hunters are easy, I’d be wary, but with the following shot rotation sequences below you’ll be on your way to at least maximizing your raid dps.  If you see anyone in Beast Mastery show up to a raid it’s probably best to just kick them out.

Below you’ll find the recommended order and sequence for a Survival Hunter and a Marksmanship Hunter while raiding.


Recommended Talent Build:



  • 2 Points from Sic’Em to Careful Aim
  • 2 points from Point of No Escape to Survival Tactics

Rapid Fire -> Serpent Sting -> Black Arrow -> Kill Shot (Boss Under 20%) -> Explosive Shot -> Arcane Shot(dumps excess focus) -> Cobra Shot (When you need more focus)


Recommended Talent Build:


Serpent Sting -> Chimera Shot (refreshes Serpent Sting only) -> Aimed Shot (on Master Marksman proc) -> Steady Shot x2 (maintains Improved Steady Shot Buff) -> Kill Shot (under 20%) -> Rapid Fire -> Readiness -> Arcane Shot -> Steady Shot

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