Best Hunter Raid and DPS Talent Build Patch 4.3 Cataclysm

3/7/31 - Best Hunter Raid Build

The top dps build for Hunters in Patch 4.3 is a build that considers of 3 points in the Beast Mastery Tree, 7 in Marksmanship, and 31 in Survival.  Survival being the current leading raid build with Marksmanship slightly behind.

Survival Tree

Pathing 3/3, Improved Serpent Sting 2/2

Trap mastery 3/3,  Point of No Escape 2/2 (point of no escape can be replaced by anything on this level that you prefer to use)

Thrill of the Hunt 3/3, Lock and Load 2/2

Resourcefulness 3/3, T.N.T. 2/2

Toxicology 2/2, Wyvern Sting 1/1, Noxious Stings 2/2, Hunting Party 1/1

Sniper Training 3/3, Serpent Spread 1/2 (it’s unlikely that while firing Multi-Shot that you will go longer than 6 seconds without shooting again therefore making 2/2 useless)

Marksmanship Tree

Go for the Throat 2/2, Efficiency 3/3

Sic’Em! 2/2, (some people prefer to use Careful Aim instead of putting points into the Beast Mastery tree which gives your Cobra/Steady/Aimed shot a 30% increase in critical strike on targets about 90%; because most fights are so long and the target spends its time below 90% putting the points in Beast Mastery will net you more dps)

Beast Mastery Tree

One With Nature 3/3


The only Glyphs that matter at all are the primary glyphs and those should be: Serpent Sting, Explosive Shot, and Kill Shot.  You can put whatever you want in the other glyph slots.

Shot Rotation Priority Single Target

Kill Shot > Black Arrow > Serpent Sting > Explosive Shot > Arcane Shot (if you have extra focus) > Cobra Shot (when you don’t have focus)

AoE Shot Priority

This one is a no brainer: Multi-Shot > Cobra Shot, you can do a trap launcher with Explosive Shot for fun too


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