Balance Druid Moonkin Cataclysm Guide – Best Rotation, Spec, Glyphs

So yesterday I randomly decided that I wanted to take my 85 Druid that I’ve only played as a tank since The Burning Crusade and just go ahead and convert him into a Boomkin to play him in a heroic.  I had absolutely no gear or no idea how to play it so after researching a talent spec, glyphs, rotations, and buying him enough gear on the Auction House to do Heroic Cataclysm Instance I was set to go.

We ended up getting into a Blackrock Caverns heroic and it was probably the longest heroic I’ve ever done.  I spent most of the time confused by solar and lunar eclipses and rotations, not to mention all of the skills and abilities I’ve never used before plus my hack job selection of gear that included cloth and pvp gear.

The good news is, after that first instance, I figured out how to play a Balance Druid so here goes:

Best Balance Druid Talent Build

33/0/8 -

Balance Druid Spell Rotation

Stay with me on this one.  The moonkin is a bit tricky now.  Let me explain the eclipses.  After you dot the enemy up there are two abilities you’ll primarily use to move you toward an eclipse, as you cast them, you’ll eventually proc an eclipse, this means your bar below your mana goes all the way to the sun or moon.  When you are in a solar eclipse your nature damage increases by a percentage based on your mastery and when you are in a lunar eclipse your arcane damage increases the same way.

So you will spend your time going back and forth between eclipses and once you hit an eclipse you’ll spam the abilities that just got a damage boost.

Single Target

All of your rotations are going to start like this for single target:

  1. Insect Swarm (always keep up on target)
  2. Moonfire (always keep up on target)
  3. Starsurge (always cast when available)
  4. Starfire (until solar eclipse)

Once you hit solar eclipse you’ll get a buff to enhance all of your nature damage.  Keep in mind all of your AoE abilities are nature damage so if you are doing heavy AoE you can leave yourself in Solar Eclipse mode by not casting Wrath and just using your AoE abilities instead.  But since this is single target section, you’ll immediately and continuously want to cast Wrath until your eclipse is over or until it stops glowing on your task bar (same thing).

During Solar Eclipse:

Make sure to keep up Insect Swarm, Moonfire (changes to Sunfire during eclipse), and Starsurge, otherwise spam Wrath nonstop.

  1. Wrath (keep this going until you head into Lunar Eclipse)

During Lunar Eclipse:

Make sure you keep up Insect Swarm, Moonfire, and Starsurge, no matter what eclipse is on or if there isn’t any on, then cast Starfire until you head back into a Solar Eclipse.

Shooting Stars

Watch for Shooting Stars proc it will instant refresh Starsurge, this spell should be used immediately when it is available regardless of anything else.

AoE Spell Rotation

The goal here should be to get yourself into a solar eclipse and stay there for all the AoE fights you’re going to be doing because it increases nature damage.  The order in which you want to do things are:

  1. 3 Wild Mushrooms / Detonate
  2. Insect Swarm/Moonfire every single enemy
  3. Hurricane or Typhoon while waiting for Mushrooms to be available again
  4. Repeat, launch shooting stars if it comes up on instant cast for fun

Best Balance Druid Glyphs


  1. Insect Swarm
  2. Moonfire
  3. Wrath


  1. Rebirth
  2. Innervate
  3. Starfall


  1. Aquatic Form
  2. Unburdened Rebirth
  3. Mark of the Wild

Stat Priority for Moonkin Druid

  1. Intellect
  2. Spellpower
  3. Hit rating/spirit (remember 100% spirit = 100% hit now)
  4. Haste Rating (better than mastery because you spend 40% of your time outside eclipse)
  5. Mastery Rating (increase eclipse damage)
  6. Critical Strike Rating

Balance Druid Gems

  • Burning Shadowspirit Diamond for Meta (54 Int, 3% Increased Critical Damage)
  • Put Brilliant Inferno Ruby (+40 Intellect) in every slot unless there’s a socket bonus over 20 intelligence
  • For red/blue sockets that have a 20 or more bonus to Intelligence use, Purified Demonseye (20 Int, 20 Spirit) or Reckless Ember Topaz (20 Int, 20 Haste)
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